Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Perfect Sewing day to cherish !!!!!!!!!

There are those days that we just need to cherish ... where life is just so sweet! After a quick walk this morning, listening to the birds and watching the geese fly over head (have you ever noticed how the shape of the formation is always do they not fly into each other?) I spent the day sewing away. I uncovered this project during my cleaning frenzy yesterday. Every Blue and Yellow quilt I've ever made I've given away. So, when I fell in love with these fabrics last spring, I decided to make the pattern just as the display quilt was made...which is very unusual for me. But it was a mindless kind of decisions to trial and error...just a quick fresh spring project! The pattern is Saratoga Star by Touchwood designs ( and fabrics from the LakeHouse line. All of the three different blocks are completed and are now ready to be joined and borders added later this week.
As I watched two movies today, I enjoyed tea in my new cup! Last week at Guild, I won an incredible basket full of goodies, including this cup, a wonderful sugar tong and jasmine tea--my favorite!! I even made it through a movie that included someone losing their spouse, without it taking my emotions for a run. Having spent many years with him so ill, having a day to just sew and watch it rain made this day even more special. So often we take these simple pleasures for granted and miss out on the opportunity to fully cherish them. Now if I could only figure out how to rotate this picture...oh how I appreciate your patience with my lack of photography skills.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Asian Fabrics Magazine # 8

Wow...have you seen the latest Asian Fabric magazine, the one with the fish on the front cover!! I was so excited when it arrived. Thought it had the perfect layout for the birds. The table quilt with fish seemed to be just the thing, until I realized the picture on page 12 was not one quilt but two on top of each other. Oh it least my brain is pondering how to make it work.

I took a few days off from work to go through boxes and organize the garage, as we moved two years ago and still have not unpacked everything. My wonderful son helped so much on the first day, that I spent the second day in my sewing room. I can't believe I sorted fabric and organized my space for three hours.

I'm feel a bit unmotivated...and uncreative, which is really unusual. I'm sure that is a result of the comparison know you go to guild, hear a wonderful speaker and come home and find yourself unconsciously comparing yourself. Elinor Peace Bailey was so funny and a wonderful last evening! Loved her and her dolls! Wonderful, funny and a laugh filled evening!

I'm off to the sewing work on one of the many projects I've uncovered during my cleaning frenzy...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crazy Birds

These birds are driving me crazy!! I've had this fabric since last August when I found them in a shop in Okinawa, Japan with my sister. They are from Kona Bay. I love the movement of the tail feathers, and want to keep as much of them as possible, so I've decided to try making some type of medallion quilt. I'd love any ideas or suggestions you might have!
I've been collecting the fabrics to add to the design. They were so heavy the design wall (a queen size batt tacked to the wall ) crashed to the floor! Guess it's time for a better thinking about the foam insulation boards covered with batting.
My sewing room is a total disaster zone...have been avoiding it for several days after dumping supplies from my last class in going to work on cleaning it up just a bit so I can decide on a project to work on today. Happy spring!

Valentine Log Cabin

Last weekend, I taught a class based on this quilt (pattern is in Alex Anderson's Start Quilting book) at my FAVORITE quilt store Thimbles and Threads in Junction City, Oregon. The class was a blast with four wonderful new quilting friends. I only teach basic beginner classes, as I love to see students gain skills, knowledge and techniques while having fun! Once you have the basic skills down, there is so much freedom to create anything you can dream up. The quilt police, your mom, your Home EC teacher or your 4H leaders are not allowed to be in class with you!! You must banish them from your thought process!
Of course I couldn't just follow a pattern...I added an extra set of light logs, as I wanted the quilt a bit bigger. There are lucious valentine themed fabrics...I love the light one with red sqiggles on the first border.
Sorry for the quality of photos...I'm still trying to figure out how to get the best photos for this blog. Click on the photos for a better look at the fabrics.