Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Temptation over took me...I caved

On our way to Sun River, Oregon for the holiday weekend, I just had to stop in Sisters, home of the Stichin Post. Of course, I was just stretching my legs from the long drive and going to wander for just a few moments. I kept repeating...no new projects, no new projects...as I entered the store...

Then I saw it! The first picture is from the pattern I purchased. The second and third picture are the fabric I couldn't leave without! Visions of a completed jacket by the end of the weekend danced in my head, as my sewing machine was in the car!

I'm a bit frustrated with the pattern already...no measurements are included, just s, m, l, xl cutting lines. I grew up sewing, doing the whole 4H thing, so I know how to adapt a pattern, etc., but that doesn't mean I want to spend hours doing it. I gave up sewing clothing for quilting many years ago! I don't even hem pants anymore...why do that when I could be working on a quilt!

So, I checked their web site and they recommend making a muslin version first...as if I had extra time! I've emailed the company asking for basic measurements and will share a response along with additional pattern information, if and when they respond.

So, after seeing the pattern, of course I had to have the fabric. Surrounded by 5 college age guys trying to drag me out of the shop, I decide that $25 for 2.5 yards is not that bad. Quickly I select one of the many beautiful hand painted batik fabrics. I did resist buying several! I proceed to the cash register, constantly under attack from the guys and surrounded by lots of noise and chatter... Distracted, I just sign my credit card slip. Later at the house, I realize the fabric was $55. not $25! So much for my new trifocals improving my vision!! Now I'm thinking that muslin version is not such a bad idea...or even better, a piece of fabric from my stash, since I would need to go into a shop to buy the muslin!

At the end of the long weekend, after lots of fun in the pool, biking and just relaxing my sewing projects came home untouched, other than working on the binding on the red,white and blue quilt. I did manage to finish quite a bit of scrap booking, including a new special small project that is a prayer album. I'm off to Las Vegas, for work at the end of week, so there won't be any progress for at least 10 days...oh how I need more time off to sew!!