Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break in Oregon...singing in the hail!

What a wild week around our house...snow, hail, rain, sun, more snow and ice and hail, wind...who knows what is next?? Never enough snow to cover the ground, but not far away in the mountains, it is very snowy!! Somehow it seems we are missing the fact that it is spring. So what do you when it is hailing...go singing in the hail!! These are just a few of the wild guys that regularly hang out at our house!
Even my flowers are taking a beating in the hail!!

The Happy 40th birthday quilt top is finished!! On Monday, it is off to my friend for a quick visit and then on Tuesday, it goes to the long arm quilter. I wish I could show you the back, but it doesn't photograph very well. It is a chocolate brown minky fabric, with a very rich paisley design.

This weekend, there is no sewing for me, as I am working on a paper for school :-( I am definitely not enjoying this one, as it just seems to not be coming together as easily as some of my other papers. Too bad it is not a quilting project that I could set aside to become a UFO!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Colorful Tokyo Quilts

When I was in college, I hated my color theory class. At the time I was focused on Ceramics and could not relate it to my work. I struggled to make what I thought were stupid paper projects to show my understanding of the various theories. Now that I work in fabric, I love COLOR!! Here are a few of my favorites from Tokyo based on the use of color. This first quilt has incredible movement based on the subtle color changes. I also loved the border details.

I love how the colors pop with this black background. What a great way to tie a variety of blocks together. Perhaps, this one was made by a group?

Here are colors that are outside of my comfort palette zone. I love how they play off each other to create such vibrant energy. Once again the details on this quilt were exquisite.

For the person that asked about fabric shopping in Tokyo, see my comment on the last post. Here is my sister with the crazy expandable suitcase with wheels that we took shopping in Nippori. Next time we would take two smaller ones with wheels. We were quite the sight pushing this through the subway stations and up the stairs, as not all stations have elevators! Thanks to the wonderful young man who carried it up the 50 plus stairs at Hiro station, near our hotel or we might still be trying to get it up to the street level!!

It’s been a good weekend… enjoyed a sunny Saturday, did a bit of yard work, managed to get most of the blocks together on the espresso quilt. I promise pictures as soon as it is all together. Did a bit of homework…feeling guilty, as I should be reading and working on my next research paper on price transparency in health care, but blogging is more fun!!