Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Stars

Just realized I listed the wrong magazine on the last post for this quilt. It is from the December 1996 American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine. If you are interested in the instructions for this quick, easy and fun scrap quilt, send me your email address.

This week has been a bit crazy...trying to finish decorating as I was behind from our trip to Texas, preparing for a work party (25 people that was held at my house last night) and going to orientation for school.

Yes, I really said school! I am starting an executive MBA program in January. I've been mentally preparing to have less time to sew, scrapbook and bake... However, I wasn't prepared to be handed our first set of books along with the assignments (think major hours of reading) last Thursday night.

My plan had been to fill the two long holiday weekends with lots of sewing, finishing up some UFOs and of course starting at least one new project. I'm sure I will find some time, but now will need to do some serious reading before our first class on January 11th.

Now that the party is over, it's time to SHOP! I need to leave soon, as the mall is one hour away and I want to be there when the doors open to avoid some of the crowds! I'm not one that enjoys shopping for hours, but rather the one with a list trying to get it done as quickly as possible. My normal plan is to be finished before Thanksgiving as I try to stay out of the malls from Thanksgiving to Valentines day!

Hoping your week is filled with lots of joy and little holiday stress, as we focus on friends, family and the true reason for this season...the birth of Jesus!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

All around our house Christmas is appearing. The lights are up, the tree is decorated, the stockings are hung, the Christmas quilts are out! Today it even snowed for a few minutes!! Next weekend it will be a baking marathon. With our two week trip to Texas, I am behind my usual holiday schedule and am feeling a bit stressed.

We made it through the wind storm, without any damage or power loss in our area. Others in Oregon and Washington weren't as lucky.

All weekend long I tried to get to my sewing room, but it just didn't happen. I don't know about you, but I have a "need" to sew or be creative. If I go too long without being creative, I become cranky! It's been at least three I am in withdrawls!! Here's a photo of one of my favorite, quick scrap quilts from a Quiltmaker magazine pattern several years ago. It is a great way to use up scraps of various sizes of Christmas fabrics.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

There is nothing quite as sweet as the smiles on the faces of little ones as they open bags with new quilts inside! While we were away for Thanksgiving, we delivered the two quilts on the right to the grandchildren of our friends. I was excited that I was finally caught up on quilts for this family, only to learn baby number four will arrive in April! I'm thrilled to add one more quilt to my to do list!! See previous posts for full pictures of the quilts.

After 12 nights away from home, it is wonderful to catch up with all my blogging friends. Did you see in Jan/Feb 08 Quiltmaker that Taniwa is listed on page 14? She is one of my favorites, not only for quilting but for life in Japan, where I will soon be going again to the Tokyo International Quilt show in January 2008. As always, I promise to share lots of pictures. Her blog is at:

Nothing new in the quilting realm, since I've been gone...but lots of great ideas from catching up reading magazines while on the plane. Speaking of planes, I've never been so happy to get into the air, as I was earlier today, after sitting on the runway for two hours while it snowed in Salt Lake City and we waited and waited to be de-iced! Oh how I just wanted to get home!

As the Christmas music plays, the wind is howling and the rain which sounds icy and slushy beats on the windows outside. I am so thankful to just be tucked in for the rest of the evening at home. Winter has definitely arrived in Oregon as we have a major storm on the way tonight, which is why I am quickly writing this blog, in case we are without power tomorrow...who knows, maybe it will be so bad we just have to stay in and sew for a few days!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving is always a wonderful time to reflect on what we are thankful for and the many blessings in our lives. So here's my list:

Faith, Family and Friends are always first. My health, a wonderful home which is still new after two years, work I enjoy, and freedom come next. I'm thankful for the many blessings which we often take for granted including the joy of creating! I'm even thankful for my age, due to the contentment and peace at this stage of my life.

I've started a new scrapbook to capture our Thanksgiving memories and blessings, as the years rush by and all too often, we don't remember the details of that special day. I'll share pictures of it soon.

May your day be filled with lots of joy, family, friends, wonderful memories and of course turkey and football!

Hello from Fredericksberg, Texas. We had such a wonderful day that I forgot to publish this post! We've gone from 83 to 43 degrees over night...quite a change! We even went to a real Friday night Texas high school football playoff game! Hope you have had a wonderful holiday. Oh yes, I am bringing home fabric...2 yards that jumped off the bolt and into my suitcase. The large poinsettia on a dark background...perfect for a quick holiday 9 patch for pictures soon!

Triple the fun with Triple Rail fence

This triple rail fence was created for a class sample, from an Alex Anderson book. It is truly flat, but due to the way it was hanging for this photo, it is a bit wavy. It has been done for some time...sitting in the pile of tops to be quilted!

Last Sunday afternoon, I sat in my sewing room, petting my know the motions....sorting and resorting, considering various combinations...ready to work on a new project. I really didn't have a specific focus, other than being limited to using my stash and wanting to do something a bit more challenging, maybe using some of my orientals or batiks. I was just stuck...I was not inspired ...After over an hour, I finally gave up, realizing I was just too tired!

We celebrated Thanksgiving last Saturday here in Oregon, so that dad who lives with us would be able to enjoy the big dinner, before my son and I leave to celebrate the holiday in Texas. Spending the entire day cooking, starting with the turkey and dressing at 9:30a.m., then moving on to the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole (according to the boys in my life, it's not a holiday meal without it) baking two pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes and gravy and then of course some rolls was quite a bit of work! At 7:30 as I put the last dish in the dishwasher, I realized that this is a meal that is better cooked with friends or family! I was exhausted at the end of the day, as I am still recovering from pneumonia and just don't have my normal energy and stamina.

Today, I'm cleaning, organizing and of course trying to pack, as we fly to Texas on Tuesday. As I get older... I have this need to leave my home organized so that it is not a mess to come home to nor are there any smelly surprises in the fridge, etc! We are so looking forward to spending the week in Fredericksberg, which is a wonderful town in the hill country west of Austin and San Antonio. I'm sure we will be hitting the shops along main street for some Christmas shopping in this historic German tourist stop.
Well, I need to get back to my soon as I cross off a few more tasks, it will be time to move into the sewing room! Hope to have good quilting news to share soon!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Santa's Got the Goods

Yes, the center is a pre-printed panel...oh my don't tell the quilt police or they will begin to twitch and write out a quilt rule violation. I must say they do make me crazy...sometimes a gal just wants an easy, quick, mindless project!

I came across this pre-packaged project just before vacation in August and thought it would be the perfect project to take along to Sunrvier. Well, it didn't get out of the bag on vacation, but was just the right project to work on while I was home sick for weeks. A few minutes here and a few more later in the day and a block came together. Little by little it grew on the design wall.

Below is an example of a technique I had read about, which was to press seams open rather than to one side when you have multiple sets of triangles coming together. It really did eliminate the lump where the all the points come together without clipping the seams

There was so much fabric that was left over, including an extra panel, that I will be making a second one with the addition of just the border fabric, and a few other small pieces from my stash. I'm sure the second one will end up either under someones Christmas tree or as donation for one of the organizations that have auctions each year that I'm involved with.

In case you also missed it...the Quilt 4 pleasure ring will be gone as of November 6th. A new ring Quilt 4 fun is starting in place of it. That's why there are so many missing links in the Quilt 4 pleasure ring...for all of you previously on Quilt 4 pleasure that were before and after my blog, I'm going to try to keep up with what you are up to! Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall continues on

I so love the color of this tree...just one of the little joys of my day is looking at it each chance I get. This photo was taken two weeks after the previous post photo. Fall continues here in Oregon, cool crisp evenings and delightful sunny days. I so enjoyed sitting in the chair this weekend soaking up a few moments of sun, after our bulb planting marathon. We planted over 300 bulbs on Saturday and on Sunday, I could barely move!

In terms of quilting I'm working on placing binding on the two baby quilts, in preparation for our Thanksgiving trip to Texas. I've also been working on a Christmas quilt, which I'll share in a future posting. Today, I went into the quilt shop in Newport, at the coast, and managed to walk out with buying anything! A stash buster success story!

Tomorrow we celebrate Halloween and my birthday! Always a fun day watching all the kids coming to the door. Of course, as a child it was always a great day, as the party after trick or treating was at my house. For the past several years my son has had some type of "surprise" party each year...once it has become a tradition, it is no longer quite the same surprise. However, I don't have any hints or think there will be a party this year...but then again, it may be a true surprise!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall in Oregon

Welcome to my favorite spot in the back yard. My plan was to photograph the tree every day to capture the changes. That was two weeks ago...between the pneumonia and a trip to hospital for a kidney stone, my plan was set aside. The tree is now as bright red as the chairs. I'll try to take another picture soon!
Spent most of yesterday, outside planting over 300 bulbs (tulips, daffodils, etc.) Of course, I over did it, after being stuck in side for so long. Today, I pay the price with screaming muscles and aches in places that I never knew could ache! We've had wonderful warm, sunny days and crisp cool nights with a huge autumn moon!
The two quilts from the previous post are already back from the long arm quilter and ready for binding. Two more Christmas ones are now waiting for their turn on her machine. If all goes well, they will be done just after Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Going to the Longarm Quilter

This evening two baby quilts are headed to a new machine quilter, so that they are ready to take with us to Texas at Thanksgiving. After being home with pneumonia for several weeks, I decided the only way to get these done was to send them out! It is also a good project for a new machine quilter, to see if I like her work, etc.

The first one features the monkey sock fabric, which makes me laugh every time I see it. It brings back fond memories of my little boy jumping on the bed singing "3 little monkeys jumping on the bed..." My little boy is now 19 and no longer could jump on the bed without hitting his 6 foot 4inches body on the ceiling!

The second one is left over minkee fabric from my Stash!! Yes, I am making a dent, ever so small in my stash!! Even after making both of these quilts, I still have leftover Minkee. I was hoping this quilt would be the end of it! It reminds me of sewing with polyester fabric, as it is so slippery...definitely not my favorite.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tokyo in January!!

After several weeks of indecision, today I booked my plane ticket to Tokyo in January to see the Tokyo Great International Quilt Show!! Most of my dilemma was around the $1100. cost for the plane ticket. Knowing this is my sisters last year in Japan and that it would be my last chance to go for awhile, I was desperate to figure out a way to go, that wouldn't cost so much.

Last week, while home with pneumonia, I decided to check to see how many airline miles my son had. I discovered if I transferred a few thousand miles from my account to his, I would soon have enough miles for a reward ticket for under $200!! Thanks wonderful son for the plane ticket!!

I'll be meeting my sister that lives in Okinawa and my niece for the week in Tokyo! I'm so excited and looking forward to going back again this year. We had a wonderful trip last year...see earlier posts for many wonderful quilts from that show. Now it's time to plan some day trips for the days that we are not at the quilt show or in Nippori fabric shopping...ok bloggers...any ideas? Also, would love to meet for coffee any fellow bloggers that are going to the show.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall apples

Sweet, crisp, crunchy and juicy fall apples are one of my favorite delights each fall. I love to make applesauce and cobblers that fill the house with great smells.

I've had this fabric in my stash for several years...still not sure exactly what I will do with it, but am dreaming of a new project. Dreaming of projects is all that I've accomplished in the past three weeks, as I have pneumonia and just haven't had the energy for much but wishful thinking and flipping through books and magazines for ideas. Hopefully, soon I'll be back to sewing, as it is frustrating to be home from work for a second week, but not accomplishing any sewing.

I have been doing some armchair traveling via the blogs. Have you see the beautiful photos at the Bemused blog? Jan's blog is always one of my favorite stops. Check it out at

Another favorite is Taniwa's blog at

I hope to have new projects to post soon!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


The binding is on, another one is finished! This quilt only took me 10 years to complete. Don't expect me to tackle another applique project anytime soon. I started it in a class, because I wanted to learn new techniques. It has lots of memories stitched into each block. The blocks traveled around the country with me, to doctors office visits, lots of time in the hospital during my husbands transplant, vacations and even went on the three week road trip my son and I took after my husband passed away.
This is the quilt that I sent to a senior center, where they marked it with a big thick 1st grade pencil. After of hours of careful cleaning, most of the marks are out! Spent last weekend in bed, with a horrible cough, etc. Am finally back to semi-normal and posting again.
The navy and burgundy colors were planned to go with my living room furniture, and hang over the fireplace. But, I moved two years ago and no longer have that fireplace or furniture!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Temptation over took me...I caved

On our way to Sun River, Oregon for the holiday weekend, I just had to stop in Sisters, home of the Stichin Post. Of course, I was just stretching my legs from the long drive and going to wander for just a few moments. I kept new projects, no new I entered the store...

Then I saw it! The first picture is from the pattern I purchased. The second and third picture are the fabric I couldn't leave without! Visions of a completed jacket by the end of the weekend danced in my head, as my sewing machine was in the car!

I'm a bit frustrated with the pattern measurements are included, just s, m, l, xl cutting lines. I grew up sewing, doing the whole 4H thing, so I know how to adapt a pattern, etc., but that doesn't mean I want to spend hours doing it. I gave up sewing clothing for quilting many years ago! I don't even hem pants anymore...why do that when I could be working on a quilt!

So, I checked their web site and they recommend making a muslin version if I had extra time! I've emailed the company asking for basic measurements and will share a response along with additional pattern information, if and when they respond.

So, after seeing the pattern, of course I had to have the fabric. Surrounded by 5 college age guys trying to drag me out of the shop, I decide that $25 for 2.5 yards is not that bad. Quickly I select one of the many beautiful hand painted batik fabrics. I did resist buying several! I proceed to the cash register, constantly under attack from the guys and surrounded by lots of noise and chatter... Distracted, I just sign my credit card slip. Later at the house, I realize the fabric was $55. not $25! So much for my new trifocals improving my vision!! Now I'm thinking that muslin version is not such a bad idea...or even better, a piece of fabric from my stash, since I would need to go into a shop to buy the muslin!

At the end of the long weekend, after lots of fun in the pool, biking and just relaxing my sewing projects came home untouched, other than working on the binding on the red,white and blue quilt. I did manage to finish quite a bit of scrap booking, including a new special small project that is a prayer album. I'm off to Las Vegas, for work at the end of week, so there won't be any progress for at least 10 days...oh how I need more time off to sew!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Great Progress


What a perfect day off! Spent the entire day in my sewing room...first I made binding and attached it to this quilt. About 10 years ago I purchased the top in Payson, Arizona...was suppose to be old, but now I'm not so sure. What do you think?? It was hand quilted by the local senior center ladies.

Next, I added the borders to the Ruby Tulips. This is from the 9 Patch Pizzazz book. Another top finished!! Now I'm trying to decide on binding--green or the red/black fabric? I like to cut bindings at this point, so I don't use the fabric in another project!

This afternoon I finished piecing the center section above. Several months ago, I became bored with matching all the points and set this one aside. Hopefully, the borders will be added tomorrow.

Update on the count...3 quilts needing binding-all ready to have the binding attached to the back by hand--great fall projects, 15 tops to quilt, 4 projects in process and at least 20 projects ready to start...along with way too much fabric in the stash to begin to quantify! On Thursday, we are going to SunRiver for 4 nights. Of course the sewing machine will go with me, along with my current scrapbooking project.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

12 step program time!

Ok, so I am finally at a point of admitting it (1st step) addiction to quilting is really there. However, I don't see it as a problem (denial eh?). But the projects stacking up in my sewing room are screaming at me due to lack of attention.

So how to deal with it? Last night I joined the Stash buster ring. Great first step. However, this afternoon I drove down to Thimbles and Threads in Junction City, Oregon supposedly just to pick up the latest Asian Fabric Magazine to send to my sister in Japan. Three and half yards of Christmas plaid, the perfect back for another project I purchased two weeks ago and of course one yard of the incredible burnt orange and gold floral Asian from Quilt gate later ..I drive home thinking of all projects I want to work on...

I've been saying for months that I am on a fabric diet, but that has worked about a well as other diets...really good for a few days, until that temptation jumps out and grabs you!

So now the twelve step program...I use to know all 12 steps of the AA program, as I sponsored an Ala-teen program...not sure I remember them next step will be an inventory of all the projects in various phases (collecting fabric--but not ready for a project, fabric collected but not started, various block phases, tops to be quilted, waiting for binding, etc.)

So here's the first and smallest list:
Quilts needing binding:
  • Navy and Burgundy Applique (see last post)
  • 30's blue quilt (also on last post)
  • Red, White and Blue scrap quilt (purchased in AZ years ago)

More lists to come during my vacation next week. I'm even starting to plan ahead and think about which projects to take to Sun River...but will I be able to avoid all the great shops in Bend and Sisters??

Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's been one of those days

Making good progress on several projects, even though I had a few setbacks. The first photo is the applique quilt that had the dark pencil marks, I wrote about previously. I worked on it for several days one section at a time. It also has one burgundy fabric that bled even though it was pre-washed. Most of the marks are out and I think one final effort once the binding is on will remove the last marks. It was quilted at a senior center, that previously had done great work...but this time used very thick and dark pencil lines to mark it. I tested all kinds of products but found that Spray and Wash with dual power worked the best. Somehow as I was attaching the two ends of the binding I twisted them...that was a new one for me....out came the ripper!
The bottom two photos are of an old 30's family quilt that I'm working on making binding out border fabric. The border is about 4 1/2 inches but only on three sides. So, I decided to trim it down and piece binding for the 4th side. Don't you just love some of those prints!
It's another perfect August Oregon day...80 degrees, blue skies with just a light breeze...oh this is why we live here! I'm off to make a peach cobbler with peaches from this mornings farmers market.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Asian Quilts from Sisters

Here a few of my favorite Asian fabric quilts from Sisters for my sister in Japan! Wishing I was there ! Only 5 months until it is time to go to the Tokyo show! Can you believe the green birds...someone actually did a stack and whack with those "darn birds" that I wrote about in a previous blog. I still have the fabric...but am not motivated to use it in that way!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Good Intentions

It is one of those picture perfect Oregon summer days with 80 degrees, clear skies with puffy white clouds and a light breeze. What a change from the humidity of Texas. We arrived home after 11pm last night from a wonderful week in Fredericksberg, Texas. Loved the quilt shop there, with such wonderful and friendly staff. Wish I could remember the name, so I could add a link... It's just been that kind of day!

Three hours ago, with the fourth load of laundry in the dryer and 3 more to go, I sat down at the computer to pay a few bills. Once I was done, my reward would be an afternoon of sewing...But, I decided to check my the comments on my blog...oh how I love to see them! Then of course I had to look at the blog before me, to see if she made it back to England, then I had to read a few more...and here I am three hours latter!!! Yes, I had the best intentions to do the things I "should" but of course did the the things I enjoy first! Oh well, there is always tomorrow morning to sort through all that mail and pay those bills.
The two quilts above are from the Sisters summer like! Has anyone seen a pattern for the second one? The label looks like it might be Big block with something after it. It was made by Linda A...from Bend. Can't quite read the entire name.
Now it's time to head to the back deck, with an icy cool beverage and enjoy this wonderful afternoon with the three new quilt magazines that came while I was away and to finish reading "Girls of Riyadh", one of my airport purchases. More about the book next time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More quilts from Sisters Quilt Show

While reviewing my photos this morning, I just couldn't resist sharing a few more of my favorites from Sisters. As always, if your quilt is shown, email me and I will be glad to update the blog with your name, quilt title, etc. Remember to click on the image to see the larger version which shows off the details like the beads on the hat of the last picture.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sisters Quilt Show

The Sisters quilt show is a one day event where over 1,000 quilts are hung on buildings around the entire town. For the first time, the main highway was closed and traffic diverted! This was a wonderful change which eliminated the noise and dodging of traffic! As always the quilts were incredible! The day started out cool but by 11am it was HOT! Here are just a few of my favorites...the penguin quilt was an award winner in the youth category. Definitely a future quilter with lots of fabric fun ahead.

As always there were wonderful vendors with lots of temptations. Two of my favorite were Denim and Silk, located in one of the shops in Sisters. They have beautiful denim jackets with silk cuffs, collars and linings. One is now at the top of my wish list for my birthday! Check out their web site at
My other favorite find was Fourth Corner Quilts from Ashland, Oregon.
Delightful old quilts without the normal outrageous prices. Looking forward to visiting the shop next time I'm in Ashland.
I've been enjoying a few rainy days here in Oregon. The grassfields are being mowed and the straw baled which has caused my allergies and asthma to go out of control, so I've not sewed much. I've just finished a minky baby quilt. I was using leftovers from another quilt as I hate sewing with minky since it slips all over the place. I end up pinning every seam and it still slips. Next we are off to Texas for a week with friends in the Hill country.