Friday, May 25, 2007

More Tokyo Basket Quilts

Four more wonderful basket quilts from the Jan 2007 Tokyo show. Along with the basket challenge quilts (see previous post) there was a special show of American basket quilts along with Japanese basket quilts.

This first quilt brings back deep memories from my childhood in Indiana, where Marie Webster patterns began. I don't know exactly where the connection is to my past, perhaps it was at one of our neighbors, Vernice McLary, where I really learned to sew (as compared to Home Ec class where I learned to hate ripping out stitches), or on the bed of a childhood friend, whose mother was quite the seamstress and quilter. Oh but it is one of those wonderful warm fuzzy memories that fills me with joy! Marie's home in Marion, Indiana is now the location of the Quilters Hall of Fame

The third quilt is "Baskets and Bloom" by Linda Bradley. The other two are not identified in the books from the show. Remember to double click on the photos for a better look at the wonderful details!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tokyo Basket Quilts

Time for May Baskets! Jan's recent posting (Bemused) ) reminded me of the 80 basket quilts made of challenge blocks at 2007 Tokyo Show. You purchased raffle tickets and dropped them in the box beside the quilt you wanted to win. Oh, how I wanted to win one! There were all kinds of basket blocks, traditional, pieced flowers, 3-D flowers, embroidery, animals, hexagons and all kinds of great creative interpretations. This is just a sample and I'll post more soon.
Yesterday, in a moment of insanity, I decided to finally redo the front planting beds at my house (8 ft x 18ft). The contractor had placed rhodies in full sun, where they were baked all summer long. So, 4 yards of potting soil and lots of new plants, the transformation has begun. The rhodies are relocated to a shady spot in the back and the front bed is being prepared for all the new plants. It is wonderful to have strong teenage boys hang out at our house. I knew there was a reason I've been feeding them! They are great dirt movers!! All of this to quilting this weekend at our house. However, I am having significant withdrawls and know I need to return quickly to my sewing room!