Sunday, April 20, 2008

Outdoors escape from Tokyo Quilt Show

Today, it has snowed, hailed, rained and now it is thundering! I'm ready to escape outside for a walk, but am staying in for instead, we'll visit some outdoors quilts from the Tokyo show, last January.

There are some quilts that I find my self returning to time and time again. Here is one, that I nicknamed "Big Leaves" that fascinated me. I've included various 3-D details, that I discovered as I studied the quilt.

Time for a walk in a Bamboo forest!!

Now for a trip to the sea. I believe this quilt was called Stars of the Sea. First a few detail shots to see the combination of fabrics and incredible skilled hand work. The full quilt is the last photo.

Not much sewing going on here, as school is consuming any free time that I have. I have several project ideas on the design wall and can't wait for a break to get started on one of them. Will post pictures of the wall soon. I am hoping that maybe there will be time over Memorial day weekend in May...that seems so far away!