Saturday, September 22, 2007


The binding is on, another one is finished! This quilt only took me 10 years to complete. Don't expect me to tackle another applique project anytime soon. I started it in a class, because I wanted to learn new techniques. It has lots of memories stitched into each block. The blocks traveled around the country with me, to doctors office visits, lots of time in the hospital during my husbands transplant, vacations and even went on the three week road trip my son and I took after my husband passed away.
This is the quilt that I sent to a senior center, where they marked it with a big thick 1st grade pencil. After of hours of careful cleaning, most of the marks are out! Spent last weekend in bed, with a horrible cough, etc. Am finally back to semi-normal and posting again.
The navy and burgundy colors were planned to go with my living room furniture, and hang over the fireplace. But, I moved two years ago and no longer have that fireplace or furniture!