Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's been one of those days

Making good progress on several projects, even though I had a few setbacks. The first photo is the applique quilt that had the dark pencil marks, I wrote about previously. I worked on it for several days one section at a time. It also has one burgundy fabric that bled even though it was pre-washed. Most of the marks are out and I think one final effort once the binding is on will remove the last marks. It was quilted at a senior center, that previously had done great work...but this time used very thick and dark pencil lines to mark it. I tested all kinds of products but found that Spray and Wash with dual power worked the best. Somehow as I was attaching the two ends of the binding I twisted them...that was a new one for me....out came the ripper!
The bottom two photos are of an old 30's family quilt that I'm working on making binding out border fabric. The border is about 4 1/2 inches but only on three sides. So, I decided to trim it down and piece binding for the 4th side. Don't you just love some of those prints!
It's another perfect August Oregon day...80 degrees, blue skies with just a light breeze...oh this is why we live here! I'm off to make a peach cobbler with peaches from this mornings farmers market.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Asian Quilts from Sisters

Here a few of my favorite Asian fabric quilts from Sisters for my sister in Japan! Wishing I was there ! Only 5 months until it is time to go to the Tokyo show! Can you believe the green birds...someone actually did a stack and whack with those "darn birds" that I wrote about in a previous blog. I still have the fabric...but am not motivated to use it in that way!