Friday, July 11, 2014

Half Square Triangles

208 half square triangles are need for the project--Autumn Leaves, by Bonnie Sullivan--that I am working on.  A slow and tedious process, but fits my speed these days!  I do a few, take a break and come back to it later, so the picture shows what my kitchen table looks like.  It was a kit, purchased in Bend, Oregon, several years ago during our annual trip to Sisters outdoor show.  Will post a picture when it is finished.

If you are near Oregon, don't miss the Sisters show this Saturday.  Be prepared for heat of 90 degrees or more, including a hat, sunblock and a cooler of refreshments! Unfortunately, I won't be traveling this year.

So what have I been up to since March 2013?  First 9 months of a computer conversion of Epic proportions, 12 hour days, 6&7 days a week!  My health has continued to decline...several trips to the cath lab and a new stent, still not able to keep up with Cardiac Rehab, just extremely tired.  Then in May I fractured my Tibia...2 weeks in the hospital...2 weeks in rehab...8 weeks of no weight bearing-living in a wheelchair.  More about that another time.

My son has been great at bringing projects from my studio, machines, tools, etc., since I am limited to the first floor of my house.

Since I am not able to work anymore, I am going to try blogging again.  This one is via my IPAD as a trial.  Seems a bit clumsy...but going to give it a try a few more times. Trying to figure out lots!  Let me know what you think.