Monday, April 13, 2009

Mom's butterfly quilt

Sorry this is a bit out of focus...This is a quilt made about 15 years ago for my mom who always loved butterflies. When she passed away in 1998 it made it's way back to me. Her birthday was just last week, so she has been on my mind, so I decided to share it with you, since I can't find the picture of the red, white and blue flannel star I just finished.

I have finished tacking down the binding on the back side of a flannel star quilt and moved on to the binding on another one. Unfortunately, I'm not finding the pictures as someone has disconnected my external hard drive. In a house of young males...I bet I can guess!

The two quilts hanging on the arms of the treadmill (that is what they are for aren't they?) are works in progress. The one in the front (Blue, green and yellow) just needs two borders added (yes, I got bored with it...see August 27, 2007 post for a full picture of it) and the middle one (bright pink) the top is finished, I'm just wanting to add some words to the outer border.

Life continues to be busy with work, school and family. Hopefully, I will get at least one more posting up before I leave for China on May 6.