Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joy in the sunshine

Am so excited to be out of the rain and soaking up the sun in S. California .   It always takes days for me to recover from traveling.  Not doing anything special except soaking up the vitamin D.  I was exited to find the Urban Scandinavian book at the shop that I adore here.  Trying to have a year of finishing UFO's ...but have already added several new projects to the list.   Still having issues posting pictures I take withmy IPad to blogger.   May go to the Apple Store while I am here to figure it out, as I have two finishes to post, just this year alone.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Southern CA treasures

Found two great books on my Palm Springs trip.   One is "kitchen stitches" and the other "urban Scndinavian ".  After living in Denmark for a year, I love anything Scandinavian.   Kitchen stiches has a Great carry all for a crock pot..... So here's my delimia.

Got a call this week from a store in the Palm Springs area, the Kitchen stiches book is in...do I want it?

Yes I want it but don't want to pay the crazy 8 percent tax.   Most times when I order online there is no tax, shipping to Oregon, the land of no sales tax.

Am I crazy to not want to pay an extra 8 perecent?   I don't mind paying shipping...it is just the crazy tax.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm not really this stupid!

Here is a picture of an antique quilt I found when cleaning out my mother in law's house a few years ago.  She knew I loved quilts and never told me about this one...really sad.  It is quite fragile, faded and dirty.   Wish I knew the story behind this one.  This photo is from several years ago and is on my phone.

Now for the not stupid part...I took a picture of what is on the design wall a few minutes ago, on my IPad, to write this posting.   I can see the picture on my iPad but when I try to find it to post it doesn't appear anywhere.  It also appears in the photos on my iPhone.   Checked the photos and cameras settings on both devices and they are set alike. Then I took a photo wih my phone and can't see that one as I try to post!!

Anyone have any suggestions or comments?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Frustrating morning

Working on calm and peaceful thoughts this morning...this a stock photo from a project I did years ago...it is the only one I can get to upload into this blog...now the rest of the story...

  I know It has been months since I last posted....somehow I can connect to my blog on my iPad but not on my home desktop.  So today I  spent an hour trying to login...no luck and result was more chest pain!  That is the story of my last seven months!  I usually don't whine about the negative things in my life but today is an exception. Sorry!   I prefer my desktop as that is where I store all my photos and don have the tiny picture issue.

In the last seven months, I have slowly been working on multiple projects making a little progress by working for 15 minutes a day then resting.  Hopefully I can add some pictures next.  Oh rats!   Just realized I don't have the right cord to go from iPhone to iPad!!!  Ok that is the next step so no pictures today.

So here is the list: (many of these were in block stages the last time I posted)
Mango tango-blocks together and borders on
Dr. Seuss 1- top done (2&3 are cut ready to sew
Autumn flannel leaves-blocks set into top and borders ready
Fall layer cake half square triangles--on the design wall  ready to sew together.

So my goal is to figure this all out over the weekend and post pictures next week!  Have a wonderful  weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2014

English houses

Still haven't resolved the tiny picture issue....sorry...

Anyone remember these from the 90's.   They are a block of the month series from a Quilt shop in Oregon (no longer available).   My new goal  is one a month for the next six months so I can get them off the UFO list.

Did you see that it is National sewing month?  Check out the great prizes at www.allfreesewing.com

Working on labels and sleeves for the Jefferson Guild show on Sept 27 and 28.

Spent last week in Olympia, took a short Long arm class, just the basics.  While it was fun, it is way to physical for me, so I don't see a long arm in my future:-(. Love the quilt shop there...Bayside quilts...great selections, friendly staff, definitely worth a visit!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Janet Fogg at Mary's River

Am about scream...still having photo issues.   This is a quilt on my design wall...   A smaller version of the Raffle quilt I have made for Spring Hill Women's Association for the Albany Cancer Center fund Raiser.

Not much happening here.  Going to Physical therapy, aka the torture chamber, is taking all my energy.

This is the forth time I have written this post as it froze saving the other ones.   Thinking it is time to look at options for posting with an IPad.   Any suggestions?  Check out the previous post for an improved photo...not sure why the photo posted correctly this time, except I am back to working on my PC rather than and IPad.

Made it to Marys River Guild this week, to see Janet Fogg speak and share her incredible quilts. Check out her work at JanetFoggquilts.com   She now is making patterns for some smaller works, which I was tempted to buy.  But managed to resist until I finish some UFO's.

It is  a great rainy Saturday here in Oregon.  A welcome change from all the sun and heat we have had.  That is as long as it doesn't last more than a day or so.  To make it even better, it is OSU Beaver first football game day.  What more could you want?  Enjoy the long weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lemon Paper-On the design wall

Here is what is on the design wall this week.  The blocks have been done for some time, it was just a matter of getting back upstairs.  It was a kit I picked up in Sisters several years ago.  Trying to decide the final placement of the blocks.  Seem to be having problems with loading pictures--this one seems so small, any suggestions?