Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall apples

Sweet, crisp, crunchy and juicy fall apples are one of my favorite delights each fall. I love to make applesauce and cobblers that fill the house with great smells.

I've had this fabric in my stash for several years...still not sure exactly what I will do with it, but am dreaming of a new project. Dreaming of projects is all that I've accomplished in the past three weeks, as I have pneumonia and just haven't had the energy for much but wishful thinking and flipping through books and magazines for ideas. Hopefully, soon I'll be back to sewing, as it is frustrating to be home from work for a second week, but not accomplishing any sewing.

I have been doing some armchair traveling via the blogs. Have you see the beautiful photos at the Bemused blog? Jan's blog is always one of my favorite stops. Check it out at

Another favorite is Taniwa's blog at

I hope to have new projects to post soon!