Saturday, December 1, 2007

There is nothing quite as sweet as the smiles on the faces of little ones as they open bags with new quilts inside! While we were away for Thanksgiving, we delivered the two quilts on the right to the grandchildren of our friends. I was excited that I was finally caught up on quilts for this family, only to learn baby number four will arrive in April! I'm thrilled to add one more quilt to my to do list!! See previous posts for full pictures of the quilts.

After 12 nights away from home, it is wonderful to catch up with all my blogging friends. Did you see in Jan/Feb 08 Quiltmaker that Taniwa is listed on page 14? She is one of my favorites, not only for quilting but for life in Japan, where I will soon be going again to the Tokyo International Quilt show in January 2008. As always, I promise to share lots of pictures. Her blog is at:

Nothing new in the quilting realm, since I've been gone...but lots of great ideas from catching up reading magazines while on the plane. Speaking of planes, I've never been so happy to get into the air, as I was earlier today, after sitting on the runway for two hours while it snowed in Salt Lake City and we waited and waited to be de-iced! Oh how I just wanted to get home!

As the Christmas music plays, the wind is howling and the rain which sounds icy and slushy beats on the windows outside. I am so thankful to just be tucked in for the rest of the evening at home. Winter has definitely arrived in Oregon as we have a major storm on the way tonight, which is why I am quickly writing this blog, in case we are without power tomorrow...who knows, maybe it will be so bad we just have to stay in and sew for a few days!