Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 2 PAM and 20

I can't believe my last post was heading to Houston...that trip needs it's own post!  January has come and flown by!!  My first two projects of the year were completed in January, meeting my personal 2 Projects A Month, aka 2 PAM goal. 

I am having an awful time uploading pictures, so am doing a text only post and hope to get back later to add pictures.

First is my autumn MODA jelly roll, fabric purchased in Indiana, pattern is Shortcake by  For a first Jelly Roll quilt it was quite easy and fun.  Here it is on the design wall. 

Here is Warren's knee surgery quilt.   I traveled in September to N.  Carolina to help my sister while her husband recovered from knee surgery.  Of course, we had to stop by the local quilt store,, while out doing errands.   What do you know, but this little kit came home with me to her house.  Since we were house bound most of the two weeks, I finished all of the blocks before returning home.  So, my January work was setting the row to finish the top.

I have always wanted to join a OPAM (one project a month) group, but they all require the top to be quilted and bound.  Since I send most of mine out to be long armed, that just doesn't work for me.  So here are my rules:  project complete and ready to send out for quilting!    I currently have 4 project out to Jean and Wendy to be quilted and two waiting for binding.

Oh what about the 20?  That is my goal to sew 20 minutes a day...didn't do we'll on that in January.   Already two days behind in Feb....hmmm....wonder if I should include buying fabric in those 20 minutes...dangerous thought, since I am on a fabric diet!