Friday, February 1, 2008

First Tokyo Fabric projects

This is a quick project made with what I call "cheater cloth". The cloth resembles various Japanese prints, all printed on one fabric.

It is a table runner for the top of an antique buffet, that sits on the landing by our stairs. Because it is a place where various dishes, backpacks etc., are dropped before being taken down stairs, I wanted something durable and easy to clean.

I used bias bars to turn under the edges with the iron and then just did a quick hem around the edges. In under an hour it was finished! Have you ever tried that trick?

This is the first block I've made from the Japanese Quilt blocks to mix and match book. It is called Yosegi kawari nikuzushi (Simple pairs variation). I was inspired at the Tokyo quilt show to make a series of different blocks out of blue fabrics. I decided that I needed a simple project that I can work on in between homework, etc. When I found this book at the international store near Hiro station, I knew it would be perfect.

I'm excited to report that I found the disk with the Tokyo pictures!! Now I just need to download and start posting them! Watch for some incredible photos to appear soon!

Panic and Tokyo fabric purchases...I was so bad!

Having a minor panic attack as I can't find the memory card with my Tokyo Quilt show photos!! Trying to take a deep breath and reassure myself that it is here somewhere. It's been a crazy week, the new computer is finally set up and my desk area is a disaster as everything had to be moved/rearranged to set up the new monitor and docking station for the laptop. I'm sure it has to be here somewhere.

Earlier in the week, I removed the card with the Tokyo pictures as it was full, to put in a new card to photograph the additions to my fabric stash and my first projects with the new fabrics.

For those in the stashbuster ring...I have broken every rule and promise I made!! I knew we would do serious shopping in Nippori, even took an extra suitcase that was almost empty. I came home with almost 100 meters of new fabric! Here are photos of a portion of the new stash. Most of the pieces are 1 or 2 meteres. There is a variety of Japanese, Hoffman, Kaufman and Kona fabrics. Almost all of them were 396 yen per meter, which is roughly $4.00 a meter!! Now you know why I just couldn't resist buying more and more fabric.

I'll be hunting for the memory card this weekend and will publish Tokyo photos as soon as I find it!!

p.s. Anyone having problems using blogger with Vista? I can't seem to get spell check and some of the othe buttons to work?? Just read that there is a problem with Spell check with please excuse any mistakes.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jet Lag Lazy

Arrived home on Sunday morning from Tokyo...what a wonderful quilt show!! We made it home just before the snow covered the valley floor. I'm definitely in the jet lag lazy mode. Am struggling more this time to get back to normal hours. Here it is 10pm and I am just coming alive, after being in a fog most of the day. I even needed a three hour nap, which is very unusual for me.

I'm so anxious to start sewing, but can't quite get it together. So instead, I am looking at books from the show and one that I purchased at the international market near Hiro station. What an interesting area, with many different consulates and embassies near by. I came home with lots of fabric from Nippori, that I will share via pictures very soon. I'm thinking of doing a small table runner for a buffet that is at the top of our stairs. It will be a small but manageable project while I am in school.

I expect to post pictures of the Tokyo show by the weekend, as my new computer should be here tomorrow. Until then hoping for more snow!