Friday, May 15, 2015

Frustrating morning

Working on calm and peaceful thoughts this morning...this a stock photo from a project I did years is the only one I can get to upload into this the rest of the story...

  I know It has been months since I last posted....somehow I can connect to my blog on my iPad but not on my home desktop.  So today I  spent an hour trying to luck and result was more chest pain!  That is the story of my last seven months!  I usually don't whine about the negative things in my life but today is an exception. Sorry!   I prefer my desktop as that is where I store all my photos and don have the tiny picture issue.

In the last seven months, I have slowly been working on multiple projects making a little progress by working for 15 minutes a day then resting.  Hopefully I can add some pictures next.  Oh rats!   Just realized I don't have the right cord to go from iPhone to iPad!!!  Ok that is the next step so no pictures today.

So here is the list: (many of these were in block stages the last time I posted)
Mango tango-blocks together and borders on
Dr. Seuss 1- top done (2&3 are cut ready to sew
Autumn flannel leaves-blocks set into top and borders ready
Fall layer cake half square triangles--on the design wall  ready to sew together.

So my goal is to figure this all out over the weekend and post pictures next week!  Have a wonderful  weekend.