Saturday, November 20, 2010

Someone has had a good mail day

My sister and I joke that good mail days are when we go the mailbox and discover a new quilt magazine (isn't it about time for a new Asian Fabric?) or when fabric arrives via mail.  So, I decided to try sending fabric from my stash, or from shopping trips, to my sister at least once a month. 

Well the first few times went off without a hitch!  She had some good mail days and I had fun picking out fabrics to share.  Recently, while I was at the local quilt store, I fell in love with this fabric!  Have you noticed that the majority of Asian fabrics tend to be on the dark to medium side?  It is rare to find a good light that is not overly busy.  Of course, having gone to Mt. Fuji the last time we were in Tokyo made this the perfect one to send to my sis.  However, this last envelope has disappeared in the mail...So someone has had a good mail day...sorry sis!

It has been a crazy month since I last posted.  Still having some health back to work full time, but come home exhausted, so not much quilting has taken place.    Decided to start this Saturday backwards from what I normally do.  I usually start with all the regular stuff... laundry, picking up the house, etc., and by the time the afternoon is here, I'm out of energy for blogging or quilting!  So, started today with this blog update, next stop my sewing room!