Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Window on the World from Asian Fabric # 20 is FINISHED!!

Window on the World from Asian Fabric # 20 is finished.  It is actually straight, only the photo is a bit wonky from being taken while it hangs on the design wall.  I'm pleased with the color combinations and looking forward to sending it on to my favorite long arm quilter Jean.  You can check out her work at http://www.santiamriverquilts/. com . 

Yesterday, as I was checking what is in my stash, I realized I have the same fabric as used in the magazine, but in a brighter blue colorway.   Perhaps I'll make the one up with this pattern some day.

So what is next?  Here are some possibilities:
--Pumpkins gone wild panel and coordinating fabrics from last year.
--Asian crane with golds and browns, with just a hint of blue.
--Michael Miller giant poinsettias to be used in a 9 patch pizazz.  Plan to play with doubling the block size.
--Bright green flannel bug quilt for the most wonderful little grandson...
--Two minkee strip quilts that were suppose to Christmas presents last year...I never promised when they would arrive...
--Batik squares from Sisters, Oregon with black lattice for my awesome niece in Olympia...sorry even if I start now it won't be ready by my visit later in September on my way to Redmond.
--Asian lady panel project picked up last year at the Long Beach show...
--Make more Japanese blocks from the book purchased in Tokyo with traditional blue fabrics
--Piecing a top from butterfly squares found last summer during cleaning out a family estate.  There are 50 plus butterflies in various states...
--Hemming three pairs of pants for work  :-( (You can see what I think about that chore!)

These are just the ones that come to mind off the top of my head...I'm sure there are others if I went to my sewing room!

So which one do you think I should start?

Thanks sis for the good mail day...a package with fabric butterflies from N. Carolina arrived today.  Now I will have 12 red ones to put together for the red and white quilt.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Window on World--OOPS!

Well, I took a deep breath cut into the panel.  Little did I realize that I was cutting it wrong!  After looking at the photo of the quilt and the measurements of the quilt (41 1/2 x 32) and the first cut of the quilt (24 1/2 x 22 1/2) I had assumed that the panel was to be cut with 24 1/2 as the width and 22 1/2 as the length. 

So when I was at the stage above I realized when I added the top and bottom frame to the five sections on the right, it would be too long and not match up with the framed panel on the left.
 So, I sent an email to the magazine editor.  What did we do before email?  They quickly explained that there is a note that the quilt uses directional fabric and the first cut was parallel to the selvage edge. I had assumed...that only applied to the frame and border fabrics.  Oh rats...I had cut it wrong!

So with a little creative trimming of approximately 1/2 inch from four of the side pictures, I was able to stitch it all back together and the left section is now the same length as the panel!