Sunday, November 4, 2007

Santa's Got the Goods

Yes, the center is a pre-printed panel...oh my don't tell the quilt police or they will begin to twitch and write out a quilt rule violation. I must say they do make me crazy...sometimes a gal just wants an easy, quick, mindless project!

I came across this pre-packaged project just before vacation in August and thought it would be the perfect project to take along to Sunrvier. Well, it didn't get out of the bag on vacation, but was just the right project to work on while I was home sick for weeks. A few minutes here and a few more later in the day and a block came together. Little by little it grew on the design wall.

Below is an example of a technique I had read about, which was to press seams open rather than to one side when you have multiple sets of triangles coming together. It really did eliminate the lump where the all the points come together without clipping the seams

There was so much fabric that was left over, including an extra panel, that I will be making a second one with the addition of just the border fabric, and a few other small pieces from my stash. I'm sure the second one will end up either under someones Christmas tree or as donation for one of the organizations that have auctions each year that I'm involved with.

In case you also missed it...the Quilt 4 pleasure ring will be gone as of November 6th. A new ring Quilt 4 fun is starting in place of it. That's why there are so many missing links in the Quilt 4 pleasure ring...for all of you previously on Quilt 4 pleasure that were before and after my blog, I'm going to try to keep up with what you are up to! Happy Quilting!