Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cast your vote!

Here's your chance to vote on the layout of the blocks that surround this panel...

Yes, this really is posted sideways...for some unknown reason, every time I import this one picture it rotates it....I give up! This first picture represents the original layout from the pattern, option 1, in Asian Fabric, issue 10, page 56. I was struggling with the randomness of the blocks (1/2 green & 1/2 pink), so I made some different ones with the same fabric surrounding all four sides of the square.
Option 2 is with the green blocks on the bottom and left and the pink blocks on the top and right.
Option 3 is alternating green and pink blocks. Option 4 is green on sides and pink on top and bottom...but that picture won't load at all. Something strange is definitely happening with Blogger tonight, but I am determined to post!

So cast your vote for option 1, 2, 3 or 4!! Do it quickly as I hope to finish this quilt this weekend!

There will be two additional borders once the blocks are added.