Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oregon quilt shops

Loved this clip that came in one of those chain mails. It's been an interesting week in Oregon...more sunshine...rain and hail. Quilt Safari started yesterday & stopped at three shops in southern Oregon on my way home from a meeting in Medford. Here's the link to the website:

Now about the first three shops: J & J in Canyonville has wonderful, friendly staff and great selection of what did I buy? Really cool red and blue tea towels with stars! Next it was on to Roseburg & Material Possessions. Cute small store with just the perfect cream/white star on cream background. Once again, very friendly and helpful staff. Ice cold water was just what I needed to get back on the road!

Third store, also in Roseburg, the largest of the three, Country Lady. Found four different oriental fabrics and a gorgeous red paisley for the Christmas collection. Loved the fabric and the store but was disappointed with the fact that they would only tear my fabric! Apparently, "the boss makes us do it". Got home and washed the red paisley only to find that I lost several inches to raveling edges, and distortion of the design after it was washed. Rarely do I get cranky about things like this...but who is the customer...the boss or the person buying the fabric? Next time, I won't be shopping there! I'll be heading out later today to continue on the safari!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tokyo Quilt Show

I'm sure spring has arrived here in Oregon, as yesterday we had sun, rain and hail all in 15 minutes. It was even raining with the sun out. The flowers are incredible this time of year. I'm still working on the yellow and blue quilt from my last post. Seems to be taking a bit longer than I expected due to all the half triangle blocks that join together. Of course I'm in one of my more perfectionist moods, trying to make it to too perfect, not cutting off any of the triangle points.

In January, I went to the Tokyo Great International Quilt Show. My reason for starting this blog was to share some of the 750 photos that I took. I'm just beginning to sort and organize them for a presentation in June at Mary's River Guild.

So, here are some spring time flower quilts that I adore. In the program books the names of the quilters are in Japanese, as are most of the titles. The first one has incredible beading details. I loved the colors of this second one, that I call Hydrangea.

The third quilt is many small blocks connected with buttons and loops. The cream color is actually the wall and not a part of the quilt. You can see the loops without buttons on the far left side of the quilt. This one had an English title "Garden of Witches". I never found a witch block...sometimes I wonder about the translations.