Monday, February 16, 2009

Another package going to N. Carolina

Wish I could jump in the envelope and go with this fabric and pattern to my sisters in North Carolina. She mentioned the other day, that she was piecing the back of a quilt and was a bit short, so she went to local big store that starts with a W and picked up some extra flannel. When she washed it, it clearly was not of the same quality of the rest of the fabric. So being the good sis that I am, convinced her not to use what she had and that I would send some to her.

Of course, when I went to my stash I didn't have anything that would off to one of the 4 quilt shops within a 30 minute drive and found just what she was wanting! I still have not purchased any fabric for myself this year...a new record... I also found this pattern at one of my favorite shops last week and am adding it to the box. It will be perfect for all of our Tokyo purchases from last year. If you can't find the Shoji Screen pattern at a local store the web site is

Several times a month, I travel to the Oregon Coast for work. I always make sure to have time at the end of the day for a quick stop at the wonderful shop in Newport. If you are ever traveling in Oregon, be sure to visit the shop in Newport on the Central Oregon Coast. They have a great variety of fabrics, lots of patterns and wonderful friendly staff. They also have great block of the month projects, etc., on their web site:

I did manage to stitch down about half of the binding on a quilt Saturday night, as I watched a least a little progress going on here!