Saturday, March 10, 2007

Coral Oriental Quilt Dec 2006

I fell in love with this coral fabric last summer as I shopped in Okinawa with my sister..incredible fabrics at unbeliveable prices...about 3.30 (US) a meter. I had to find a suitcase just for the fabric I was bring back home!
As always my ideas come from random places, and very rarely do I follow a pattern as it is designed. So, the inspiration for this was a pattern from Sew Be It called the Main Feature. ( web site:
The coral color first captured my attention, then the large pattern. I especially love the wisteria like long flowers and the arching bamboo stalks. The fabric while a cotton has a somewhat polished finsih to it. It's hanging on the wall in my office, where I can live with it for awhile, until I can figure out how I want to quilt it.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Quilt or Work....what a question

This morning, as I walked on the treadmill in my sewing room, once again I had a terrible dilemma...go to work or stay in my sewing room. Such temptation!!!

So instead, I decided to take a few minutes and start this blog! For several months I've been enthralled with the various blogs...especially after finding several discussions about the Tokyo Quilt Festival, just before I went in January.
Now it's off to work...more to come soon!