Tuesday, August 21, 2007

12 step program time!

Ok, so I am finally at a point of admitting it (1st step)...my addiction to quilting is really there. However, I don't see it as a problem (denial eh?). But the projects stacking up in my sewing room are screaming at me due to lack of attention.

So how to deal with it? Last night I joined the Stash buster ring. Great first step. However, this afternoon I drove down to Thimbles and Threads in Junction City, Oregon supposedly just to pick up the latest Asian Fabric Magazine to send to my sister in Japan. Three and half yards of Christmas plaid, the perfect back for another project I purchased two weeks ago and of course one yard of the incredible burnt orange and gold floral Asian from Quilt gate later ..I drive home thinking of all projects I want to work on...

I've been saying for months that I am on a fabric diet, but that has worked about a well as other diets...really good for a few days, until that temptation jumps out and grabs you!

So now the twelve step program...I use to know all 12 steps of the AA program, as I sponsored an Ala-teen program...not sure I remember them all...my next step will be an inventory of all the projects in various phases (collecting fabric--but not ready for a project, fabric collected but not started, various block phases, tops to be quilted, waiting for binding, etc.)

So here's the first and smallest list:
Quilts needing binding:
  • Navy and Burgundy Applique (see last post)
  • 30's blue quilt (also on last post)
  • Red, White and Blue scrap quilt (purchased in AZ years ago)

More lists to come during my vacation next week. I'm even starting to plan ahead and think about which projects to take to Sun River...but will I be able to avoid all the great shops in Bend and Sisters??