Monday, August 9, 2010

Catching up with LIFE!!

I'm a grandma!!

My first grand child!!! Levi just a few hour sold, born on July 13, 2010.  Everyone says being a grandma is great...but it is even better than expected!
Levi's first quilt before it was quilted!
The back of Levi's quilt.
A minkie and flannel scrap quilt from odds and ends of leftovers for a friends grand daughter.  Every time I work with Minkie, I tell myself never again, due to the mess it makes and how it slips on the machine...but I seem to keep coming back to it!

Yes, this is usually a quilt blog...but a few things have happened since my last post that have kept me from quilting or blogging much this summer.  Most important is the addition of Levi Craig to our family in July.  He currently is living here with his parents, so I am thankful for lots of opportunities to hold him, then pass him back to mom and dad!

My surprise for June was my second open heart surgery in 2010.  Definitely not part of my low key summer plans that had no traveling, but lots of rest, gardening and quilting planned.  I even had planted extra flower boxes and planters to enjoy on the decks this summer!! 

In March I had an aortic valve replacement and double by-pass.  For some unknown reason one of the new grafts closed off and after some significant chest pain and several days of tests, there was a second surgery,  I now have two additional new grafts.  I'm glad that is all over and am progressing well, returning to work part time this week, along with continuing in Cardiac Rehab.

A special thanks to my wife (sister from N. Carolina) who was out here for 5 weeks to drive, cook, do laundry and most importantly shop for quilt fabric and help sew on binding!!

 I'm just playing around with the new tools on blogger...So, what do you think of the new design of this blog?  

Hoping to have lots of quilting progress to report very soon...heading to my sewing room NOW!