Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall continues on

I so love the color of this tree...just one of the little joys of my day is looking at it each chance I get. This photo was taken two weeks after the previous post photo. Fall continues here in Oregon, cool crisp evenings and delightful sunny days. I so enjoyed sitting in the chair this weekend soaking up a few moments of sun, after our bulb planting marathon. We planted over 300 bulbs on Saturday and on Sunday, I could barely move!

In terms of quilting I'm working on placing binding on the two baby quilts, in preparation for our Thanksgiving trip to Texas. I've also been working on a Christmas quilt, which I'll share in a future posting. Today, I went into the quilt shop in Newport, at the coast, and managed to walk out with buying anything! A stash buster success story!

Tomorrow we celebrate Halloween and my birthday! Always a fun day watching all the kids coming to the door. Of course, as a child it was always a great day, as the party after trick or treating was at my house. For the past several years my son has had some type of "surprise" party each year...once it has become a tradition, it is no longer quite the same surprise. However, I don't have any hints or think there will be a party this year...but then again, it may be a true surprise!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall in Oregon

Welcome to my favorite spot in the back yard. My plan was to photograph the tree every day to capture the changes. That was two weeks ago...between the pneumonia and a trip to hospital for a kidney stone, my plan was set aside. The tree is now as bright red as the chairs. I'll try to take another picture soon!
Spent most of yesterday, outside planting over 300 bulbs (tulips, daffodils, etc.) Of course, I over did it, after being stuck in side for so long. Today, I pay the price with screaming muscles and aches in places that I never knew could ache! We've had wonderful warm, sunny days and crisp cool nights with a huge autumn moon!
The two quilts from the previous post are already back from the long arm quilter and ready for binding. Two more Christmas ones are now waiting for their turn on her machine. If all goes well, they will be done just after Thanksgiving.