Friday, February 1, 2008

Panic and Tokyo fabric purchases...I was so bad!

Having a minor panic attack as I can't find the memory card with my Tokyo Quilt show photos!! Trying to take a deep breath and reassure myself that it is here somewhere. It's been a crazy week, the new computer is finally set up and my desk area is a disaster as everything had to be moved/rearranged to set up the new monitor and docking station for the laptop. I'm sure it has to be here somewhere.

Earlier in the week, I removed the card with the Tokyo pictures as it was full, to put in a new card to photograph the additions to my fabric stash and my first projects with the new fabrics.

For those in the stashbuster ring...I have broken every rule and promise I made!! I knew we would do serious shopping in Nippori, even took an extra suitcase that was almost empty. I came home with almost 100 meters of new fabric! Here are photos of a portion of the new stash. Most of the pieces are 1 or 2 meteres. There is a variety of Japanese, Hoffman, Kaufman and Kona fabrics. Almost all of them were 396 yen per meter, which is roughly $4.00 a meter!! Now you know why I just couldn't resist buying more and more fabric.

I'll be hunting for the memory card this weekend and will publish Tokyo photos as soon as I find it!!

p.s. Anyone having problems using blogger with Vista? I can't seem to get spell check and some of the othe buttons to work?? Just read that there is a problem with Spell check with please excuse any mistakes.

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