Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm not really this stupid!

Here is a picture of an antique quilt I found when cleaning out my mother in law's house a few years ago.  She knew I loved quilts and never told me about this one...really sad.  It is quite fragile, faded and dirty.   Wish I knew the story behind this one.  This photo is from several years ago and is on my phone.

Now for the not stupid part...I took a picture of what is on the design wall a few minutes ago, on my IPad, to write this posting.   I can see the picture on my iPad but when I try to find it to post it doesn't appear anywhere.  It also appears in the photos on my iPhone.   Checked the photos and cameras settings on both devices and they are set alike. Then I took a photo wih my phone and can't see that one as I try to post!!

Anyone have any suggestions or comments?

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Ella and Nesta said...

That is an incredible find! And the quilt looks so modern too!