Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crazy Birds

These birds are driving me crazy!! I've had this fabric since last August when I found them in a shop in Okinawa, Japan with my sister. They are from Kona Bay. I love the movement of the tail feathers, and want to keep as much of them as possible, so I've decided to try making some type of medallion quilt. I'd love any ideas or suggestions you might have!
I've been collecting the fabrics to add to the design. They were so heavy the design wall (a queen size batt tacked to the wall ) crashed to the floor! Guess it's time for a better thinking about the foam insulation boards covered with batting.
My sewing room is a total disaster zone...have been avoiding it for several days after dumping supplies from my last class in going to work on cleaning it up just a bit so I can decide on a project to work on today. Happy spring!

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