Friday, March 30, 2007

Asian Fabrics Magazine # 8

Wow...have you seen the latest Asian Fabric magazine, the one with the fish on the front cover!! I was so excited when it arrived. Thought it had the perfect layout for the birds. The table quilt with fish seemed to be just the thing, until I realized the picture on page 12 was not one quilt but two on top of each other. Oh it least my brain is pondering how to make it work.

I took a few days off from work to go through boxes and organize the garage, as we moved two years ago and still have not unpacked everything. My wonderful son helped so much on the first day, that I spent the second day in my sewing room. I can't believe I sorted fabric and organized my space for three hours.

I'm feel a bit unmotivated...and uncreative, which is really unusual. I'm sure that is a result of the comparison know you go to guild, hear a wonderful speaker and come home and find yourself unconsciously comparing yourself. Elinor Peace Bailey was so funny and a wonderful last evening! Loved her and her dolls! Wonderful, funny and a laugh filled evening!

I'm off to the sewing work on one of the many projects I've uncovered during my cleaning frenzy...

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Jan said...

Welcome to Blogland!
We all feel that creative malaise once in a while. Usually some time in my sewing room helps...just tidying up usually sparks some ideas. You'll be back at it soon, I'll bet!