Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Perfect Sewing day to cherish !!!!!!!!!

There are those days that we just need to cherish ... where life is just so sweet! After a quick walk this morning, listening to the birds and watching the geese fly over head (have you ever noticed how the shape of the formation is always do they not fly into each other?) I spent the day sewing away. I uncovered this project during my cleaning frenzy yesterday. Every Blue and Yellow quilt I've ever made I've given away. So, when I fell in love with these fabrics last spring, I decided to make the pattern just as the display quilt was made...which is very unusual for me. But it was a mindless kind of decisions to trial and error...just a quick fresh spring project! The pattern is Saratoga Star by Touchwood designs ( and fabrics from the LakeHouse line. All of the three different blocks are completed and are now ready to be joined and borders added later this week.
As I watched two movies today, I enjoyed tea in my new cup! Last week at Guild, I won an incredible basket full of goodies, including this cup, a wonderful sugar tong and jasmine tea--my favorite!! I even made it through a movie that included someone losing their spouse, without it taking my emotions for a run. Having spent many years with him so ill, having a day to just sew and watch it rain made this day even more special. So often we take these simple pleasures for granted and miss out on the opportunity to fully cherish them. Now if I could only figure out how to rotate this picture...oh how I appreciate your patience with my lack of photography skills.

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Nines said...

I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Thank you for the suggestion to check out the quilt shops in Oregon- believe it or not, I hadn't thought of that! I am something of an enigma in the quilting world. I don't shop much! Working in a quilt shop keeps me supplied with all the latest things, but each shop has it's own personality. I love your asian fabrics. When I am at a show I have a hard time chosing a fabric- just have to force myself! I'm always happy with what I get, so that isn't the problem. And I am also not filled with guilt over the fabric that I do have- another quilter anomoly! Life is too short for regrets! I am visiting a friend- my college room mate. Yes, I've visited her before and every few years we plan something special just for us. We have a great time. She isn't a quilter, but appreciates all the quilts I have made for her! Oregon is so lovely- very diverse. A perfect place for a quilter!