Sunday, March 9, 2008

Escape to anywhere--more Tokyo photos

Escape to somewhere, anywhere is my dream today. Here are photos from Tokyo that reflect my desire to escape! It’s been a very tough week, 4 days checking in on my mother-in-law, who has changed drastically since I last saw her. Trying to figure out how to help her through this next phase, when she is clearly angry and bitter with what life has become. Incredibly sad for her and feeling a bit helpless as she has become so negative she is impacting her care givers.

Back home, after several extra hours in flight delays and two hectic days at work and then two days of residency for my MBA. Next week I take dad (who lives with me) to the surgeon to review upcoming major surgery…yes I am on overload.

So today is PJ day…not getting dressed, trying to unwind and unpack (both physically and mentally), do a few loads of laundry, think about paying a few bills, maybe work on getting taxes ready for the accountant and most of all spending at least one hour in my sewing room, working on the coffee quilt from the last posting!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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artfilstitch said...

Oh, How I wish upon a star.... at the Tokyo Show basking in those beautiful quilts. Hope your load is getting much lighter and you see lots of sunshine soon. I enjoy reading your blog and thanks so much for sharing.

Tanya said...

Your photographs of the Tokyo quilt show are just great. Aren't some of the quilts the most artistic thing you've ever seen. I make quilts but I don't think I've ever been artistic.

I hopw the situation with your mother-in-law (and your father) improves. My MIL gets so negative too and yet she hasn't really had any major setbacks. Do we all get angry because we don't want to become old?

Hope you get some relaxing time.