Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy 40th birthday to you (guess who)

A dear friend is turning 40 this month and these are the fabrics to be included in her birthday present. I don't think she checks this blog, as she is not a quilter...but Dawnell, if you have been lurking and not posting the surprise if out of the bag! I doubt that the top will be together in time, due to my trip to LA, but I am thinking of wrapping up all the little scraps in little box with a funny note about more to come...when I find my mind!

I'm doing the quick, "It's hip to be square" pattern. My friend has a new chocolate couch and has a coffee theme in her kitchen, so I just fell in love with this fabric from the Pine Needle in Lake Oswego Oregon. Talk about wonderful customer service...the attention and help in selecting these fabrics was wonderful, especially when I needed to shop in under 30 minutes. I would highly recommend this shop. Check out their web page for other great projects!

LA was tough and sad, as I have an elderly relative that has no other family who is struggling at this time. It is a long story, that I am still trying to process and reflect on at this point. It is just so sad to see what was once such a vibrant woman who has become so frail and isolated. Still in school...not having much time to sew, which is very hard for me...More Tokyo pictures next time, I promise!


artfilstitch said...

What a lucky gal! The fabric is lucious and I am drooling. I checked out the website of their shop and it is great. Thanks for sharing.

Tanya said...

I like your coffee fabrics. I can't wait to see what this will become.

It is hard when stong and sharp people start showing the effects of age. Good of you to take the time and effort to be with your relative.

Loved your Tokyo quilt show pictures. Here I am right in the same country and do I go? Every year I ask myself why I didn't.

Sew Prim Khris said...

Absolutely yummy fabrics. Love them. Khris in Oz