Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tokyo--Spring time flower quilts

Here are two of my favorite spring time quilts from Tokyo! Thi first quilt was primarily gray, black an tan, with just a hint of pink thread on the blossoms, which doesn't show well in the photos.

This next quilt was truly amazing! The three deminsional flowers looked so real you wanted smell it! The hand work was incredible!! Oh how I would love to see the Cherry blossoms in Japan some day!

Spring is arriving!! This week as I drove to the coast for a work meeting, the tips of the trees were barely pink. The leaves and flowers were just beginning to bud out. Along the side of the road there were hundreds of wild daffodils already open. I always enjoy that drive through the mountains this time of year. In my yard, the daffodils are about to burst open, the hyacinths are so fragrant, with tulips to follow in a few weeks.

I stopped at another of my favorite quilt shops…yes I know I said no more fabric…but they had perfect cherry blossoms to go with the fabric I purchased in Tokyo. Check out their web site at Quilters Cove in Newport Oregon, always has a great selection of Ocean and Sea related fabrics, along with light houses and a great selection of Asians. They also do orders via the web and mail, always with great service!! Watch for pictures of that project, which is next on my list!

This weekend, after I get my taxes together, I will be finishing the brown and turquoise espresso quilt, as I only have six more blocks to go. Watch for photos as soon as it is finished.


artfilstitch said...

Reading your post gives me a feeling of being at the Tokyo Show today. I also loved these works and seeing them in person is breath taking. I wanted to take the class on the little Japanese Dolls also while I was there, but it was filled....maybe next time. The lady that made the flowers also does the dolls. I will be posting some of my pictures this coming week. I had so many wonderful experiences at the show. One being...I saw a lovely vest that I really liked and wanted to buy the pattern. The sizes are kinda hard to figure since most of the Japanese are small and petite. The shop owner was wearing a sample of the vest...suddenly she says, "Here, why don't you try mine on and before you could bat an eye she had taken her vest off and slipped it over my head and on me. The booth was crowded and lots of people around, all Japanese quilters, that started clapping and having a good time. Anyway, to my surprise it fit and I purchased the kit which inclued some wonderful Japanese fabric just like the shop sample. I can hardly wait to start sewing. I'm hoping that my eyesight is back to normal after I see my Opthomologist on Thursday.
Your area sounds like it is a wonderful scene of beauty. The flowers must be breath taking.
I love your blog and enjoy hearing about what you are doing.

Celular said...
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Tonje said...

Wow, these flowers are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos - they are truly inspiring. I am going to Tokyo in October for ten days - where can i find fabric shops for quilters

Quilt crazy said...

The best fabric shopping is in Nippori. There are several great shops several blocks down from the train stations. One favorite is on the left just before Tomoato, all of the fabric is precut and in 1 and 2 meter packagages for 396 yen per meter (almost $4.00). Our all time favorite is across the street from Tomato, one store from the corner. Once in you either go up the stairs on the right or down several steps to the left. Best fabric is upstairs. 400 yen per meter, with great service. Tomato is fun, but often very busy with lines. Pretty much the same fabric as other stores, unless you are looking for other than quilt fabric. If you want I can look for names and addresses.