Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall quilt project--Asian Fabric Magazine Number 20

Recently as I was blog reading, there was a discussion about writing more about the process rather than just the final finished project.  Sorry, I can't locate who wrote it...but it definitely struck a cord for me...So here is an attempt at process writing:

I fell in love with this panel just a few weeks ago while shopping for some binding for a 30's fabric quilt (yes, the real stuff) and looking for possible borders and lattice for the 50+ butterfly blocks discovered during our estate clean out trip last summer. 

Of course it is a Kona Bay...nothing else would be that beautiful.

Last Tuesday, the latest Asian Fabric Magazine arrived in the mail.  That's what I call a great mail day...either a new magazine or fabric arrivals!   On page 58 is the WIndow on the World Quilt, a great use of a panel and then 5 smaller cuts from the same fabric.  Immediately, I knew just the panel I wanted to use and amazingly have discovered the other fabric in my stash. 

I had to force myself to finish the baby quilt below and do some basic household stuff (Laundry, pay bills, clean up the kitchen) before I could start the new Asian quilt.  I've learned to force my self to do some things, otherwise I would just be starting new project and never finishing anything!!  It's all done now, so when I return from Cardiac Rehab, it will be time to start!  I'll post pictures as soon as it is in progress!

Also in the new magazine are the details for the September 25th event at the Kona Bay Warehouse in Redmond, Washington.  Let me know if you are going, as I would love to connect with some other bloggers!

The borders are on the baby quilt, so it is ready to go off to the long arm quilter. 

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Kona Bay Fabrics Blog said...

What a great post in your blog about our Kona Bay fabrics!!! You picked a great fabric to showcase!

Hope you and your friends can make it to our 9/25 event at the Kona Bay warehouse!1


Douglas Eagleson
Kona Bay Fabrics