Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Updates

Not much sewing going on this summer, but the biggest news is this new wall unit from Ikea in my sewing studio. It even has empty sections, just waiting for my next project. I spent the weekend getting my studio back in order after the chaos of moving furniture and reorganizing my space!
This is coming to my home in Oregon, from California. It is one of the many items that did not go into the estate sale...along with a second older Singer!

While in California we spent an afternoon as tourists, taking my son to see Hollywood, including Michael Jackson's star...

Borders are on this quilt and it went with two other to the Long Arm quilter!! I'm actually catching up and ready to start new projects!! The border on this quilt made me nuts! I actually cut the binding strips before the long borders, then had to piece the border...what a crazy mistake...oh well it all worked out. I'm currently searching for the hydrangea fabric in purple and raspberry for a different project...one that I purchased fabric for several years ago...only to discover this weekend that I am short fabric :-(

Of course, a visit to Hollywood must include the sign! It was fun to be tourists...so glad we are back home and not there in all the smoke! Happy quilting!

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Teresa said...

Welcome home. Does the Singer sew well? I have an older one in a cabinet just like the one in your picture and I need to get it refurbished.