Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long Beach Show pictures

My computer is distressed and so am I at this point, as I use my son's computer for this posting. So, rather than sharing pictures with you from the Long Beach show, here is a great link to "The Quilt Show" website daily blog. Scroll down and you will find three sets of photos from the Long Beach show, along with other interesting show pictures, etc.

I've checked this site several times, trying to decide if it is worth it to be a member. However, at $42.95, I haven't yet parted with the are my reasons not to join...

-The cost seems high for online access.
-I already take 6 magazines related to quilting, so I have lots of resources.
-I have more projects in progress than I can count!
-I'm not a fan of watching TV or other video on my computer...spoiled by big screen TV's!
-I already spend too much time each day on the computer between work and home projects.
-I have more email and newsletters than I can read at this time.
-I'd rather be working on quilting projects...

I'm curious if anyone has become a member and find it worth the cost...

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Teresa said...

I am so sorry you are having computer problems. I had them myself and my computer was in the shop for over two weeks.

I joined QNN for a year and enjoyed watching the videos while I sewed. It was cool on the Fons and Porter ones, as I could watch the video showing how to make the quilts that were in my magazine. This was very helpful in teaching the pattern ot my club. I have not seen the one you reference here.