Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tokyo Quilts with strong graphical elements

HOT, HOT, HOT is what these flames say to me...notice the wide binding, similar to what we might see on a blanket. This is not uncommon to see in Japan.

Incredible quilting details!

This quilt was quite large for a mola type piece. The technique used is reverse applique, where you cut out pieces of the large top fabric (black) place the colors behind and then roll the edges of the black under, as you stitch the black to the colored fabric. I am assuming the large circles are constructed then added in to the large black fabric piece. Remember you can click on the photo to see a larger more detailed version of the photo!

I can't imagine attempting a quilt of this size and detail, all by hand!

An interesting twist on the Storm at Sea block! Amazing how a few changes of color creates the secondary design.
Incredible piecing and quilting details!!

Life is a bit crazy... since my last dad has had surgery and transitioned to a skilled nursing home, busy at work as normal, and my MBA program has been nuts as I'm in financial accounting, definitely not one of my areas of strength.

All of that to say, I've only been in my sewing room to vacuum once in the last sewing of any kind...which means I am in significant withdrawals! I even have new quilting magazines stacking up that haven't been opened! I'm feeling guilty that I have nothing of my own work to post...

I have a major school project due on May 23rd, which if I manage to get it done, I will have the entire Memorial day weekend with no homework!! First time since January!! And it won't happen again until our month long break in August. I am looking forward to hours and hours in my sewing room that weekend...not that I can even begin to remember what projects are there!

I've been keenly aware of color combinations in nature this spring...the cherry blossom pink & bright green new leaves, pink & brown bark, punchy red and yellow tulips, soft white blossoms against a tiny blue flowers, the pink and purple interesting to think of color combinations for possible quilts!!


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to click and see the details on these quilts....I thought those tiny points were pieced and now can see that they've been appliqued....oh, such nimble fingers! Thanks again for the pics, and good luck on your project!

be*mused jan said...

I love, love, love the mola quilt!!! What a dynamic piece!

artfilstitch said...

The quilt show was the best. I love all of the quilts, you camera does a beautiful job. I haven't been able to download mine. Will try again later.
Thanks for sharing,

Rhonda said...

Hang in'll get back to your machine. I was in a slump for 6 months then suddenly.....sewing frenzy.