Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tokyo Quilts -- Oh what colors!

Don't you just love this quilt! It is made up of individual circles that are attached to a very fine netting. In addition there are hundreds of "dots" similar to fabric covered buttons of various sizes all over this quilt. I keep thinking that it would be fun to try something similar on a much smaller scale...dream oh dream on! School is overwhelming and consuming my life at the moment. Hoping to soon fine balance and time for more of everything else, including quilting and blogging. Time to head off to work!


Anonymous said...

that quilt is BEYOND amazing! Wow. Thankyou for sharing your photos from Tokyo - can't wait to see more!

Alycia said...

WOW! That is spectacular. No wonder you had such a great time!!

Mary said...

Wow, the time involved, the creativity required! Absolutely incredible, thanks for sharing!