Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tea Time in Tokyo

Each year at the Tokyo show there is a collection of quilts made from blocks which are submitted and then sewn into raffle quilts. Last year’s theme was baskets and this year’s theme was a series of tea pot, tea cup and other related tea time blocks. Some quilts had all the same block with individual variations. Others were a variety of the blocks stitched into one quilt. For 500 yen you purchase a raffle ticket and place it into the box of the quilt you hope to win. Oh how I hoped hear the cell phone ring with a message to come pick up a quilt on Saturday afternoon!! Wouldn’t that be the perfect treasure to bring from a wonderful trip? Again this year, the phone didn’t ring…oh well; I hope those that won the quilts are enjoying them!!


artfilstitch said...

I enjoy ready and viewing your blog. The Tokyo Quilt Show is the Best. I was at the show on Thursday and Friday, 24th and 25th.I took two purse classes with Junko Yazawa and Noriko Masui. They were wonderful and I had a wonderful time. I will post some pictures when I finish the purses. They are made by hand quilting.
Thanks for all of your sharing.


Marit said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures from Tokyo. I would love to have been there. I also love those blue fabrics with the one red, and hope to see how you will use them, in a later blog.


Greenmare said...

oh those two quilts are wonderful! thank you for sharing!!

Sweet P said...

The Tea Time quilt is stunning. I would love to have it as my own too.