Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend what??

It's been a good, quiet and relaxing weekend.  Have hemed pants for work, held the grandbaby lots, napped and even worked on a quilting project! 

I've had the panel below for some time and decided it was the project for the weekend...nothing too difficult, had lots of possible fabrics to use with it and even had a pattern set aside to try.  The pattern is Sidelights by Monutainpeek Creations.  Here's a link so you can see some of their other fabulous patterns.

Knowing that I tend to over work the design process, I challenged my self to use what fabric I had and to just put the blocks together without too much fussing or thinking...Now that the blocks are together, I'm not all that crazy about the outcome.  So I am rethinking the blocks. 
Here are the options:
A.  Change out the light border blocks for more dark and medium border blocks.
B.  Change out the dark border blocks for more light border blocks.
C. Rearrange a few blocks (they are sewn together).
D.  Leave it along and move on!

What would you do?

1 comment:

Jean McDaniel said...

I think you should finish the butterfly quilt. I've been wanting to see that one!