Friday, June 4, 2010

Purple 9 Patch Pizzazz -- Two versions

My Purple 9 patch version.

My sister Jayne's version.

Details of quilting on Jayne's quilt.
It is always fun to work on the same quilt, starting with the same center panel and basic pattern concept. I decided to focus on the purple and fuchsia, while my sister added more light pinks and greens, along with a Japanese red inner border. Yes, there was some stash raiding, so you do see some fabrics in both quilts. We have been known to raid each other's stash via email requests and then boxes arrive on our door steps. So much fun when we both live on opposite sides of the country!
Not a lot of quilting going on as I still recover from surgery and am back to work. Working and cardiac rehab takes most of my energy during the week, then it is recovery time on the weekend. I am currently working on three baby quilts. The first and most important one is for my first grandchild who is due to arrive in late July. The other two are for grandchildren of a dear friend. I have two of the three ready to go to a local long arm quilter by the end of the weekend. So, I need to get busy and finish the third one!
And now the question of this you ever wonder what happened to the authors of blogs that no longer have current postings. I have several on my side bar that I will removing soon, but I continue to wonder...

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