Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Open Heart Blue Japanese Quilt

Yes, it is a strange name for a quilt...but it reflects what has happened over the past month or so here. I had surgery in mid-March, planned for an aortic valve replacement to take care of a defect that I had know about for over 30 years. I also ended up with a double bypass due to some complications. I'm doing well now, back to driving, walking daily and hard at work at Cardiac Rehab! On Friday is the graduation for my MBA program and then back to work, at least part-time on Monday. I'm thankful that I was young, healthy and in good shape to start with as it was a tough surgery and recovery.
Of course I had a huge list of quilt projects to work on as I recover. Unfortunately, I felt too lousy to do much, except help work on the design of this quilt with my wonderful sister who has been here during the whole ordeal. She has been my driver, nurse, wife and companion during this time, keeping the house running and making sure I stayed on track!
We made two quilts almost exactly alike, except for the the gold borders. Her's is the square fabric and mine is the wavy one. They are off to the long arm quilter at this point. Looking forward to lots more free time now that school is finished. So you can expect lots of pictures and projects on the blog!


Robyn said...

Hi :-)
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.. I'm replying here as you're set to no reply.
I pondered the same about the Fork pins but am loving them!!

Robyn xx

Jan said...

I also am replying here for your nice comment on my blog-thanks! I like the Japanese quilt---what beautiful colors! Will be thinking of you for your surgery. Pray that all goes well.