Sunday, December 27, 2009

What was I thinking???

In a moment of weakness, the week before Thanksgiving I purchased 3 minkee kits thinking I would whip up a few quick Christmas gifts...We all know that is pure insanity!! Yesterday, I finished the first one for a very special young woman who is a part of my son's life. ! Let me tell the story of this "quick" project!

The first day I laid out the rows of fabric and began to sew...oh yes, I had forgotten how minkee fuzz would cover everything, including me! It actually looked like it had been snowing in my sewing room!

Of course I know to sew to every other strip in an opposite direction...but I didn't!. So soon I had a wonky top that was definitely not a rectangle.

So why not just a quick rotary trim to straighten it up....little did I realize my quick trim was too much in one soon I was reattaching what I had just cut off! Then it was back to the floor with a metal measuring tape and the largest quilting rulers I could find to try and straighten the mess!

Next was the recommended spray adhesive to the back then the batting as I prepared for quilting. Having never uses it before, I quickly learned how little was needed! Days became weeks and before I knew it Christmas was here an the first quilt was not finished!

And so on Christmas eve, the package was opened, with the refrain..."I'll finish it soon and then give it back to you!"

Yesterday, I finished the quilting and attached the binding according to the the back first, then stitched to the top...oh another mistake as Minkee fabric doesn't stay flat but rolls...I'll never do that again! The good news is it is finished!!
Life is still full of surprises at our house...only 1 1/2 classes left to go till my MBA is finished...I'm so looking forward to long days sewing with no worries of homework and papers to write. I've had a few health issues this fall with more tests to come in the new year...looking forward to the new year with lots of time for quilting and blogging! Wishing you a wonderful new year!


Rose Marie said...

Oh my .... you sure had your problems. At least you were able to finish the quilt and now the other ones will be much easier to make. Thanks for all the tips....

Teresa said...

I think we have all had our quilt of terror. Congratulations on sticking with it and finishing it! Mine was a "wedding quilt" I made for may daughter which was full of stars. The borders just would not go on...wavy, after about 5 attempts to get them to lay flat, I just quilted the heck out of it and called it done.