Saturday, February 14, 2009

And then there were TWO

And then there were two...quilts that is. Here's my second quilt started about 1979, in a class in California. It was made with cardboard templates! Every week we copied template patterns and instructions for a new block. Several of the blocks were pieced by hand, others on a very old machine! Obviously I was learning about values as some are made out of two dark fabrics. If only I had used a medium or light, they would look better.

Not a lot of quilting going on around here. Hoping to stitch on a binding after dinner tonight. Homework, school and just life in general are keeping me out of the sewing room...maybe tomorrow!

Had a lovely few hours in the front flower garden bed, doing some clean up that was missed last fall. The bulbs are peaking through...just a few inches up. Spring will soon be here & I can't wait!!

I am starting to make plans for a trip to China in May. If anyone knows of quilt related places, great fabric areas, groups, etc., please leave me a message.


Teresa said...

How great that you have your first quilts. I gave mine away - well actually started them as gifts in the first place. You were off to a great start with these.

Sue said...

I remember well learning with cardboard templates!

I think of those first quilts and what I'm doing now and it surely is mind boggling.