Saturday, November 17, 2007

Triple the fun with Triple Rail fence

This triple rail fence was created for a class sample, from an Alex Anderson book. It is truly flat, but due to the way it was hanging for this photo, it is a bit wavy. It has been done for some time...sitting in the pile of tops to be quilted!

Last Sunday afternoon, I sat in my sewing room, petting my know the motions....sorting and resorting, considering various combinations...ready to work on a new project. I really didn't have a specific focus, other than being limited to using my stash and wanting to do something a bit more challenging, maybe using some of my orientals or batiks. I was just stuck...I was not inspired ...After over an hour, I finally gave up, realizing I was just too tired!

We celebrated Thanksgiving last Saturday here in Oregon, so that dad who lives with us would be able to enjoy the big dinner, before my son and I leave to celebrate the holiday in Texas. Spending the entire day cooking, starting with the turkey and dressing at 9:30a.m., then moving on to the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole (according to the boys in my life, it's not a holiday meal without it) baking two pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes and gravy and then of course some rolls was quite a bit of work! At 7:30 as I put the last dish in the dishwasher, I realized that this is a meal that is better cooked with friends or family! I was exhausted at the end of the day, as I am still recovering from pneumonia and just don't have my normal energy and stamina.

Today, I'm cleaning, organizing and of course trying to pack, as we fly to Texas on Tuesday. As I get older... I have this need to leave my home organized so that it is not a mess to come home to nor are there any smelly surprises in the fridge, etc! We are so looking forward to spending the week in Fredericksberg, which is a wonderful town in the hill country west of Austin and San Antonio. I'm sure we will be hitting the shops along main street for some Christmas shopping in this historic German tourist stop.
Well, I need to get back to my soon as I cross off a few more tasks, it will be time to move into the sewing room! Hope to have good quilting news to share soon!


Tanya said...

You sound like you need a good rest with a cup of tea and a nice quilt magazine! Hope you'll find time in Texas!

swooze said...

Oh where in Texas??