Friday, August 3, 2007

Good Intentions

It is one of those picture perfect Oregon summer days with 80 degrees, clear skies with puffy white clouds and a light breeze. What a change from the humidity of Texas. We arrived home after 11pm last night from a wonderful week in Fredericksberg, Texas. Loved the quilt shop there, with such wonderful and friendly staff. Wish I could remember the name, so I could add a link... It's just been that kind of day!

Three hours ago, with the fourth load of laundry in the dryer and 3 more to go, I sat down at the computer to pay a few bills. Once I was done, my reward would be an afternoon of sewing...But, I decided to check my the comments on my blog...oh how I love to see them! Then of course I had to look at the blog before me, to see if she made it back to England, then I had to read a few more...and here I am three hours latter!!! Yes, I had the best intentions to do the things I "should" but of course did the the things I enjoy first! Oh well, there is always tomorrow morning to sort through all that mail and pay those bills.
The two quilts above are from the Sisters summer like! Has anyone seen a pattern for the second one? The label looks like it might be Big block with something after it. It was made by Linda A...from Bend. Can't quite read the entire name.
Now it's time to head to the back deck, with an icy cool beverage and enjoy this wonderful afternoon with the three new quilt magazines that came while I was away and to finish reading "Girls of Riyadh", one of my airport purchases. More about the book next time.


Nana's Quilts said...

Oh, oh, oh - bicycles. Can you tell me where I could find the pattern, perhaps? That would be fabulous.

Anonymous said...

The second quilt looks to be "BQ" by Maple Island Quilts. or 952-892-6675 or email: