Friday, July 6, 2007

Sunny Summer Tokyo Quilt

HOT, HOT, HOT is what it is in Oregon this week. Warm and sunny, just like this quilt from the Jan. 2007 Tokyo show. Not sure if that is the reason for my lack of energy, or just recovering from our four days in Orange much I could say or rather whine & complain about Southern California but won't... Have just been catching up on blogs and trying to make order of the chaos that occurs while we are away. Mountains of laundry, piles of mail and weeds that appear out of nowhere.

Love the black and white binding on this quilt! Enjoyed sharing with Mary's River Quilt guild all 180 photos last week. Will continue to post a few from time to time. Am looking forward to Sisters in just one week! Such a wonderful outdoor show!

Decided not to do the current Oregon Shop I am on a fabric diet...I must complete some projects and make a dent in my stash! Even managed to visit Hollyhill quilt shop in West Linn yesterday, without a purchase...of course with the batiks and Orientals under lock and key except on Saturdays, it makes it easier, since they are my weakness.

Am heading back to the tub where I am trying to take pencil marks out of a quilt that I sent out for hand quilting...that is also bleeding! Don't know what happened as all the fabrics were washed before hand1 For some reason, the dear ladies at the senior center used very dark pencil lines this time......what a first and probably only hand applique project!

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!